Museo geologico delle frane

The museum is sited within a wonderful Renaissance palace, Palazzo Alemanni Mazzocchi, a 1585 building that shares its reach heritage with the other historical residences of Civita and Bagnoregio. It documents the long history of Civita, with its extraordinary and unique natural beauties, and it celebrates the town’s most illustrious citizens, especially St. Bonaventure. A long journey through days of splendor and decadence, until its unrelenting decline caused by the structural decay of its particular geology and by the numerous earthquakes that have hit the borgo. Furthermore, the museum highlights the efforts done to slow down this natural degradation through the use of modern technologies provided by the Enea, Cnr, and various Italian and foreign universities. The complex, with its efficient and competent staff, is equipped with tools and laboratories to work out studies, trials, and science communication. The intent is to preserve this beautiful crag, constantly monitoring the most sensitive areas and creating a database useful for future interventions. The museum boasts a magnificent collection of fossils found in the valley of Civita and the adjacent Tiber basin. 

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