The terrace of the Belvedere in Bagnoregio offers an extraordinary view over one of the most suggestive panoramas in the world, a breathtaking scenery where Civita emerges like an eagle nest made of tufaceous rock from a sea of badlands where the famous rock formation of the Ponticelli stands. In the past, this landscape was admired by the inhabitants of Castel Gomizi, the fortress that formerly occupied the area, and later by the Benedictine and Franciscan friars. These last had been preceded by the visit of their founder, St. Francis. The ancient Franciscan convent was abandoned in 1764 due to a series of landslides that made it almost disappear. The remaining part is now a property of the Fondazione Agosti and hosts the Centro di Studi Bonaventuriani. Looking left when entering the Belvedere, it is possible to admire the basaltic rock stele that commemorates Bonaventura Tecchi, a beloved son of this land, which he admirably described and celebrated. The municipal administration dedicated this evocative place to Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone on 12 April 2014. 

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