Church of the Annunziata

The church is also known as St. Augustine’s Church, as it has been officiated by the Augustinians — the owners of the adjoining convent — for centuries. The year of its edification is unknown. Originally, it was a Romanesque-Gothic building covered with lime and Baroque stuccoes during the Renaissance. Fortunately, thanks to religious and civil authorities, in 1933 the church was restored to its former splendor with a project by Zalaffi from Florence’s Ufficio delle Belle Arti. A 1735 bell tower rises beside the church. The interior preserves plenty of 14th-15th-century frescoed paintings. The right-hand wall boasts a basaltic stone tabernacle-altar which stores the image of the Madonna del Buon Consiglio, to whom the Bagnoregio people is devoted. The left wall has a stone pulpit and a refined wooden crucifix probably attributed to the school of Donatello. A pointed arch divides the nave from the apse where a stained glass window represents the images of the Angel and Mary, precisely the Annunciation. 

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