Church of San Bonaventura

Formerly dedicated to Sant’Angelo, the church was purchased by the Compagnia di San Bonaventura on 13 March 1632. The building underwent renovation works in the 19th century. On 27 June 1856, Msgr. Brinciotti submitted Pietro Gagliardi’s project to the Confraternity and the same year, on 27 October, the refurbishment started. In 1862, after the restoration of the walls, the tinsmith Andrea Bassotto was commissioned to cover the dome with lead sheets. The church boasts two bells, including the one moved from another church and bearing the inscription Divo Antonio Abati. An. Sal.MDCLXI. Abbas Antonius de Ciofis Benef. The other bell features the incision Ad honorem Sancti Bonaventurae et Sancti Michaelis Arcangeli A.D. MDCXXXIII. The central altar has a valuable altarpiece depicting St. Bonaventure worshiping at the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Frà Silvestro, a Carmelite friar. The altar with the Madonna del Popolo is placed on the right.

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